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We Will PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Business AND Create A CUSTOM-BUILT Team Duplication System For You To SCALE YOUR INCOME To Multiple 6-Figures Or 7-Figures Over The Next 12 Months!
There Are Only 10 Spots For Leaders In This Program Because We Make Sure We Can Work With Everyone One-on-One. If This Page Is Online Right Now, Then A Few Spots Are Still Available ...
Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero started their first network marketing business in 2005, not even a year after immigrating from Europe to Australia. After a few short years, they have:

- Built global teams of 10,000+ in over 30+ countries
- Created their own team system 
- Became 7-Figure income earners 
- Created 15+ generic training programs
- Have taught leaders from 20+ MLM companies
- Authors, speakers, trainers and coaches 
- Consult with teams and companies 
- Create CUSTOM-BUILT TEAM SYSTEMS based on their own proprietary platform "Momentum Duplicator"
The Custom-Built “Momentum Duplicator” TEAM DUPLICATION SYSTEM 
By Pyjama Bosses
We are not going to try and sell you on this.

Sure, we could probably convince a ton of people to apply to have a custom-built “Momentum Duplicator” system for their team, but the fact is, if you need convincing, then this isn’t for you.

With that said, we’ll just lay it on the line and let you decide for yourself…

Here’s What You Will Get As a Part Of Custom-Built
“Momentum Duplicator” Team Duplication System

Component #1 – Build Your Custom-Built “Momentum Duplicator”  
Team Duplication System For You & Your Team
If you are accepted to have “Momentum Duplicator” customized for your team, we will create a fully scalable custom-built MOMENTUM DUPLICATOR  for your team members.
Every team member's account will include everything that a generic version of the software does. It will also come with the full access to the complete “7-Figure Duplication Secrets” training program for every team member, which will teach your team everything from prospecting on social media, using 3-way calls, creating home meetings etc. There are more than 10 hours of training material in video format that your team will easily access and download at their convenience.

This Custom-Build “Momentum Duplicator” will also provide a planning and tracking tool for your team to stay on track and many other tools and trainings specifically designed by Masa & Miguel based on their extensive experience.

Access is not limited to any number of team members – this is fully scalable as your team grows - and you can have as many members as you want using the custom-build system, so please ask us about this when you speak with us.

Component #2 – The Ability To Upload Your Team & Company Specific Training, Tools And News (Events, Recognitions, Announcements)
You will have the ability to upload any training, tools and news that are specific to your company and team. This will include but is not limited to:
  • Recordings of your team training webinars or events and recorded videos about your product, compensation and opportunity
  • Document files, such as checklists, templates and scripts that you are already using and are specific to your team & opportunity
  • News about your company and team announcements, including recognition, events, incentives in video and document form
Component #3 – Customized Marketing Pages For Your Opportunity
We will help you to design customized marketing pages for your opportunity. You and your team will use these pages to share your opportunity with your prospects. This will include both a customized capture page and a customized presentation page.

Properly designed marketing pages will ensure the correct recruiting message is being duplicated in your team and save everyone in your team a lot of time, energy and money!

Component #4 – Concierge Customer Support
You will have access to the highest level of our customer support called “Concierge Pyjama Bosses Customer Support”. Yourself and your team will have 24/7 email access to our technical support staff that will take personal care of you. There will be a customer support person assigned specifically to yourself and your team, so that we can ensure that your team always has the best chance at creating more results.

Component #5 – Launch Web Class With Your Team
Masa & Miguel will personally do a training for you and your team when you first launch the Custom-Build “Momentum Duplicator” to your team. We want to make sure that your team will be properly trained in how to use this system, so that you can start creating results immediately.

As a part of Custom-Build “Momentum Duplicator” family, you and your team will also have access to any upgrades we make on the software for free in the future.

Component #6 – Direct Access To Masa & Miguel for 1 Year
Probably the greatest BONUS is having direct access to Masa & Miguel for an entire year. This means you will be able to contact Masa & Miguel anytime and ask them anything you need about your business and creating more results – so that you can get to your goals faster! Masa & Miguel do not offer any 1:1 coaching outside their current network marketing business and when they do, they charge several $1,000s per month. This is a unique opportunity to get access to two 7-Figure earners.

Here is What 
Custom-Built “Momentum Duplicator” 
Team Duplication System 
Will Do For You & Your Team
If you are aiming to create 6-Figure MLM income:

10x Your Skills:
Having access to the training and tools inside “Momentum Duplicator” for yourself and your team will 10X your skill set in team building, duplication, recruiting and more. This will make you more valuable to YOURSELF and your team!

Leverage – A customized version of this team duplication system will finally allow you to focus on income producing activity while you automate every thing else in your business – including presenting to your prospects, training your team, communicating with your team and more … and if you want, gradually taking some time out of your business to do what you really want!

Plus – this team-duplication system will give you the ability to activate your team members (new and existing) from day one by using this system, so that you don’t have to be continuously starting from scratch recruiting new people!

So, if you want to:
  • Master the latest prospecting & recruiting skills…
  • Scale your business without increasing the hours you are working
  • Stop only focusing on recruiting and increase your income at the same time
Then custom-built “Momentum Duplicator” is for you!
If you are aiming to create a 7-Figure income (you are a 6- or multiple 6-Figure earner):

- This team duplication system will set you apart from the pack. Even though there may be other 6-Figure earners in your company that are doing well, having your own team duplication system will give you the authority of being the go-to leader for people looking to sign up in your network marketing company.

Automate - Do you have a clear step-by-step training program that will guide a new person on your team from getting started to helping them create a 6-Figure income? Are you spending hours every day repeating yourself on what your team needs to do and would like to automate that in a custom-built team duplication system?

Plus – you get direct access to Masa & Miguel for 1 year – they can become your virtual duplication mentors and keep you accountable to your 7-Figure goal

So, if you want to:
  • Set yourself aside from other leaders and build your brand
  • Automate the duplication process for your team to save yourself time
  • Increase your income drastically and decrease your work hours
Then custom-built “Momentum Duplicator” is for you!
Yes, we know that the cost of customization of “Momentum Duplicator” is just a FRACTION of what you’ll make in the next 12 months from growing your team and creating massive duplication, and that is why we are limiting the number of teams to 10 leaders serious about growing their business to 6- or 7-Figures and that meet specific criteria!
Here are Stories From Just A Few Of The Leaders Who Are Using A Custom-Build "Momentum Duplicator" Team Duplication System:
Andrew The Full Timer
Michelle The Coach
Suzie The Single Parent
Jacques The Business Owner
Carl & Sam
Charlie & Annie
Linton & Ginny
Here’s What To Do Next
If you believe you want a Custom-Built “Momentum Duplicator” System for your team to grow and for you to scale your business, then please fill out the pre-application form and someone from our team will contact you. We will be selecting only 10 leaders (and their teams) for whom we will build the custom-built “Momentum-Duplicator”. When we call you back we will answer all your questions and also interview you to see if your team would be a good fit for us to create a custom-built team duplication system for you.
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