Binary Cash Machine Unveils the Secret Strength of the Binary Plan and gives you the tools to Transform Your Binary MLM Business into a BINARY CASH MACHINE.
Binary Cash Machine is a 90-min information packed training divided into 7 video units. This training will help transform your Binary MLM business into a BINARY CASH MACHINE.
“Binary Cash Machine” teaches you the most important strategies to maximize your results through the binary compensation plan of your company.

In this program you will learn what are the real strengths of a binary compensation plan and how to take advantage of them. Learn what are the different income streams in a binary plan and at what time in your business life you should focus on them. Also, you will see how to diversify risk and increase the life-span of your residual income.
MODULE 1: How Binary Works
  •  Binary Compensation Structure
  •  Binary Payout
  •  How to Calculate $1,000
  •  Binary online profit calculator
MODULE 2: The "Real" Strengths of a Binary
  •  How to take advantage of binary compensation plan.
  •  Building depth rather than mindless sponsoring!
  •  Show activity and direction – and others will join in!
  •  Synergy & Depth = Longevity
MODULE 3: Different Types of Income Streams In Binary Compensations
  •  When to focus on sponsoring and when to help your team.
  •  Learn the different types of income streams in binary  compensation  plans.
  •  Learn which bonuses to use for maximum long-term growth.
MODULE 4: Depth vs. Width
  •  How to switch your focus between Depth & Width.
MODULE 5: Multiple Business Centers 
  •  When to start Building with Multiple Business Centers.
  •  How to double your commissions with 3 Business Centers.
  •  Why to Start saving “Business Centers” for later.
MODULE 6: Diversify Risk
  •  How to diversify risk in various ways and increase life-span.
  •  4 ways to diversify risk.
MODULE 7: Rely On Spillover?
  •  Why not to rely on spill over and how to maintain balanced legs in your  business.
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When you purchase this program today, and put it into action, we're fully confident you're going to be amazed by the results. We're so confident in fact, that we're offering a 30 day, 100% money back guarantee.
If for any reason during the first 30 days, you decide the program isn't right for you, simply contact our support team by sending an email to and we'll promptly refund every penny of your purchase.

Between you and me however, I know it isn't going to come down to that. We've put everything we have into creating this program for you, and when you apply what you're about to learn, you will see a massive change in your business - so don't delay - get started today!
Watch the training videos online as we walk you through the entire system step by step.
Some exercises are great for downloading to your phone and take somewhere quiet.
Download the weekly actions and exercises and work through at your own pace.
Download resources, templates and online calculators for your show.
Here Is What You Get With The Binary Cash Machine
  •   Module 1 - How Binary Works
  •   Module 2 - The Real Strengths of a Binary
  •   Module 3 - Different types of Income Streams
  •   Module 4 - Depth vs Width
  •   Module 5 - Multiple Business Centers
  •   Module 6 - Diversify Risk
  •   Module 7 - Rely On Spill Over?
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Masa Cemazar & Miguel Montero
Pyjama Bosses.
Masa is from Slovenia, graduated from Oxford University and then got her PhD in Genetics. At the age of 27, she was faced with the disappointment of a low-paying scientific career: “I moved to Australia in 2004 with just two suitcases and $2000 in my pocket.”

Miguel is from Spain and he is a trained commercial pilot, but he found that aviation industry was always one of the first ones to get hit in any economic downturn. “After living for several years in both England and Dubai, I left everything to start a new life in Australia in 2005.”

Masa & Miguel found network marketing at the end of 2005, not even a year after moving to Australia with nothing but a couple of thousand dollars. They have built large organizations with 10,000s people worldwide. In addition, they launched their generic training platform called Pyjama Bosses in late 2014, which has led them to become authors, speakers and generic trainers. 

Masa & Miguel have worked with leaders from more than 30 different network marketing companies and their passion and focus is helping leaders create customized team duplications systems to help them scale their network marketing businesses to 6- and 7 Figures.

Masa & Miguel live in Brisbane, Australia and travel frequently to support our worldwide businesses.
Miguel Montero & Masa Cemazar

“...After being a little skeptical, I went and bought it... ...I was surprised how simple is the process they explain on the videos and the strategies they teach you and that you can apply to your business to get results fast... ...My only advise to you and go and check out Pyjama Bosses programs..."


“...I was surprised how I learnt step by step what to do. Most importantly, I learnt how to have the right mindset to have the results I want Now I can't wait to do the program together with my team so they also create the results, the same as myself!!!

- ELY – Philippines

I'm consistently contacting 4-5 people everyday. I have learnt to commit and being accountable to myself until achieving my next rank….

- Charmaine
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